REBRANDING Banking solutions on the blockchain WHITE PAPER V1 TECH RATE
Our focus
Brastoken is developing the first banking and financial solutions in Brazil using the benefits of blockchain technology.
$BRT Tokenomics

322 million

Maximum Supply

53 million

Burned Tokens

Reward: 1% per transaction

Automatic liquidity: 2% per transaction


Renounced contract and liquidity locked = peace of mind


Innovative proposal for Brazil’s financial market


Excellent investment with high profitability

Our Vision

Why are we different and innovative?

Brastoken is an innovative decentralized finance project that aims to offer a revolutionary way to consume banking services using cryptocurrencies as a form of payment with reduced fees.
Through a qualified team, present in the United States, Europe and Brazil, we are developing innovative solutions through the blockchain network, such as Smart Wallet, Digital Payment Solutions and Various Banking Services.

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Our proposal and focus is to generate surprising results for the long-term investor

Roadmap 2021 / 2022

The path traced to our goals

Slide July 2021 Launch of Brastoken's rebranding and invitation from TOP 30 international brokers. *Any changes to the schedule
will be announced to investors in due time.
May 2021 Launch of Token Brastoken in Binance Smart Chain, contract renounced and liquidity locked. Start of operations. June 2021 We reached the market value of 3m USD in 1 month, our logo is inserted in TrustWallet. August 2021 Listing in TOP 30 international brokerage, Coin Market Cap and Coingecko. November 2021 Launch of Digital Wallet compatible with Apple and Android devices. 2022 -> Start of business activities, registration of international headquarters and branch in Brazil. Much more to come!
Professional Team

 What makes our team stand out


Our employees are fluent professionals in Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), English, French and Spanish.


We are present in North America, South America and Europe with partners in the main technology hubs.


Collaborators with more than 20 years of experience in the technological field, patent owners and internationally awarded.


Marketing team composed of professionals with higher education and international experience.


Highly educated programmers trained in developing advanced blockchain solutions.


Extensive experience in investment funds with a relationship network from Silicon Valley to Singapore.


Administrative team with international level organizational distribution and extensive experience on team management.

We have a team focused on the domestic market and we are prepared for the international expansion of our products and services, already maintaining a renowned professionalism and a vision of global standards for future business.

Made by Real People

A professional and visible team.

Edson Junior

CEO responsible for coordinating the entire Brastoken project.

Paulo Roberto

Head of development of technology and blockchain solutions.

Rafael Rossi

Responsible for coordinating communication with investors at Brastoken.

Avelino Junior

Head of relationship with investment funds and strategic partners.

Paulo Rebelo
Chief Operating Officer
Ana Staudinger
Chief Design Officer
Lucas Oliveira
Chief Brand Officer
Augusto Mendonça
Michel Laurindo
Chief Product Officer

True Testimonials

Real people talk about Brastoken

Sao Paulo / SP

I'm youtuber of tokens in the channel Lucro Net Digital. I did BRASTOKEN's Marketing when there were 100 MEMBERS in Telegram, I met through the PooCoin ad. The CEO was helpful, the project is solid, an evolution in the Brazilian cryptocurrency market, low supply with easy leverage, today I'm back after a month, the profits and results are impressive! I indicate and still buy in the correction I have 10.000 BRASTOKEN! Imagine a token worth $1!? Don't wait, buy now, laugh later!

Marilia / SP

When I decided to invest in Brastoken, I evaluated some project metrics in relation to its road map and white paper, a totally realistic low supply, meeting a latent demand from the financial market, linked to a token, it brings innovative solutions, in addition to the governance employed by the project as the search for certification in permanent audits, such as the Transparency Portal and the real identities of the developers, brought me a lot of security for my investment.

Sao Jose dos Campos / SP

I met Brastoken 30 hours after its creation. I joined the group with 85 members, answered some doubts and made my first contribution, still in a shy way. I studied the project proposal better in the following days and made new contributions. A quick read of the White Paper is enough to realize the richness of the project. Added to this, one of the things that most caught my attention was the CEO's commitment to investors. The entire team is focused, the Telegram group has an unusual maturity, so much so that it is “addictive”. The project is serious, well founded and looks promising for the next few years. My current strategy is to make new contributions with every small correction.

Fortaleza / CE

A totally differentiated project in the world of cryptocurrencies, the team is always present, giving its face to the project and always available to answer any questions! It was just one of the reasons that made me sell all my positions in other investments and bring them to Brastoken, in addition to centralizing my investments here as a holder, because I believe so much in the project, I always try to do what I can to help the community and the project. Here I see more than the project I see a family, the Brastoken family which I am part of!

Palmeira das Missoes / RS

I remember when I was added to the Telegram group and I thought it was just another generic token. A short visit to the site already shows me that the $BRT token is actually just a small part of what the project really represents. And Brastoken as such shows that the world of cryptocurrencies doesn't have to be insecure, but it can be affordable and practical.

Vitoria / ES

Since I met the Brastoken project, with 15 days of release, I realized that it was not just another Token among thousands, but the embryo of a great financial project that has been growing every day since then. I'm a holder, I'm part of this project too, working so that more people know, invest and realize the dream of achieving a better future for their families through something that came to revolutionize the Brazilian crypto market.

Where we are

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    General Distribution

    • 65% Launch
    • 20% Development
    • 10% Social Projects
    • 5% Burn


    • 65.8% Infrastructure
    • 10.9% Marketing
    • 7.8% Employees
    • 15.5% Developers


    $BRT Current Price


    Transactions Today


    Total Transactions



    How to Invest in Brastoken

    A complete guide to become an Investor

    LaunchMay 12, 2021
    Maximum Supply322.000.00 $BRT
    Burnt Tokens53.000.000 $BRT
    Reward1 %
    Automatic Liquidity2 %
    Social Fund10 %
    Blockchain NetBSC (Binance Smart Chain)

    Brastoken Contract Address:

    ATTENTION: This address is for the Brastoken contract (Acronym $BRT). This address is not for deposits. DO NOT SEND tokens to this address. To deposit tokens, you must use the tool PancakeSwap


    Contract Audited and Renounced, Visible Staff and Liquidity Locked. Invest with peace of mind.


    Value your investment, buy $BRT tokens and watch your investment grow daily.


    We generated a balanced distribution of social and development projects portfolios.


    Using the benefits of the blockchain, we aim for excellent products and services.

    Invest in a financial asset with a differentiated return.

    Support social causes helping brazilians around the world.

    Be part of history as an initial investor in Brastoken.

    Benefit from our technological solutions.


    Despite all our efforts to make Brastoken an excellent investment, we value honesty and transparency with the public. With this in mind, it is important that you understand that investing in cryptocurrencies or tokens of any kind is considered a high risk investment that can fluctuate dramatically. At no time may Brastoken or its legal representatives (team and partners) be held responsible for their investment decisions in cryptocurrencies or tokens, whatever they may be. By using this website, any associated product or service, or investing in Brastoken, you accept these conditions.

    As we value our investors, we recommend that you only invest values that will not affect your financial situation, analyze where you are going to invest and make sure you are making the correct transactions and using the correct investment contract.

    Launch of the Digital Wallet

    You will soon be able to benefit from the advantages of our digital wallet.

    Available Soon

    *Image merely illustrative, the final product may vary.

    Your Personal Wallet
    Securely access your digital wallet anywhere.
    Compatible with multiple blockchain networks and multiple assets.
    Follow charts, news and everything that moves the market.
    Get notified about your favorite investments in real time.
    Your Personal Wallet
    Securely access your digital wallet anywhere.
    Compatible with multiple blockchain networks and multiple assets.
    Follow charts, news and everything that moves the market.
    Get notified about your favorite investments in real time.

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